54 Oldsmobile

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the classic Oldsmobile! what a car, the reason i like the 1954 Oldsmobile so much is probably because I own one! and on this page I will document the repair and restoration of my Oldsmobile to a decent condition. I purchased my car sometime last summer for the sum of approximately $1200. it was in fairly decent condition cosmetically and mechanically, it had been sitting for about 2 years when we bought it (found it almost completely on accident one day and less than a week later bought it) and the rear right brake was locked up, among other things. we had a friend with a wrecker tow it home for us. we started work on the car not long after, in the year we have had it we have we have done mostly mechanical work on it. the following photos were taken not long after we got it if i remember correctly

this is the best profile pic of my car that I have

as you can see the car is purple (if not get your eyes checked :P) and is in none too bad of shape cosmetically. the interior is in mediocre condition as you can see in the above pics. the carpet, seat covering, headliner, lower dash and sound system are all in need of fixing, which as of Sunday Sept. 4th we have begun work on, the seats are out and the carpet is up and we have begun repairs of the floorboards a little, its been too hot to work on it much i have some more pics to follow

this is a pic of the trunk and rear floor area the rust here is almost zero except around the lower corners near the door

what we found when we pulled up that awful purple carpet (it was actually house carpet lol, weird people.)

the drivers side floor is oly slightly rusted through, the people who worked on this car (I refrain from saying rebuild) did many STRANGE things on this car, one example is LEAVING the original floor covering on and putting carpet over it

the first three pics of the above row are of the engine compartment and engine, some of you Oldsmobile people my say "but that's not the rocket 88 engine! and you would be correct, its not. its a 1969 Chevy 350 CI small block. why they did that i do not know but it part of the reason dad let me get it, he knows Chevy motors.

some pic of the dash, the third pic is of the "horn ring" the centerpiece of the steering wheel, mine is very nice, the fourth pic is of a really cool accessory for my car, its really rare visor mirror for the drivers side visor thing, i have the passenger one too

new pic of the drivers side floor pan, has some rust holes that we are going to patch up