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on this page I will have schematics for the systems uploaded for you to look at, if you don't see a design you like for your order that's ok! i draw new designs all the time, when placing an order please follow the guidelines that are posted in the Benheck thread above (the second blue HERE) also on this page will be a few pictures of different things one being my home made vacuum form, it all its hideous glory (man is it ugly) P.S. sorry dial uppers, big pics!

the first pics are of the vacuum form itself (sans heating element which is separate) and the bottom one is of the form and the frame for the plastic

these pics are of the partially finished molds for the SNESP case (psone screen, landscape layout, SNES mini) these molds are based off of the design seen in the second pic (it can also be seen here) the fourth picture in the row is the mold in its near finished form! it is the top half of the mold and its about 80% complete (the bottom half is about 65% or so)

here is a pic of the molds around 90%-95% complete, only a little bondo work to do at that point. lookin good eh?

a bit blurry, here is a pic of the molds finished and sitting on the form, that white stuff is Crisco, to help the plastic pop off. I don't know if it actually helps though. I should have cases made by this weekend (6/11/05) if I can get the plastic to melt evenly!

another pic of the molds on the form, just for the heck of it!

here is a pic of my failed heater setup, stupid thing had a hotspot or something. it would not heat evenly, kind of an experiment in heating the plastic. FAILED!

FOR SALE! some of the cases and other things I have for sale RIGHT NOW! yes you can buy these right now! limited quantities larger images can be seen in the photo section of the site!


yes, my original n64 case is up for grabs! this modifies original playstation case is in excellent condition and has been modified internally and somewhat externally for use as a n64P case (duh) the case includes 4 radioshack buttons (the black ones in the pic) asking price is 25$ plus S&H. price may be negotiable please note the pics are kind of old. more pics in the photos section



I have a PSone case that can be modifies to be very similar to my PSoneP, with controller included price would be 25$ plus S&H

#3 DREAMCAST GAMES! I have recently acquired some dreamcast games and am selling them to whoever wants them

the games are: NFL blitz 2000, NFL 2k1 (three available for sale), NBA 2k1 if you are interested in any of these games email me!

#4 portable related stuff. I have some miscellaneous stuff that I will sell if anyone is interested. I have an Intec PS2 lcd (5.6") that did work and can probably be fixed, also some dead systems, the n64s are beyond hope but I have 2 PSones up for grabs! any reasonable offer considered, drop me an email or PM (on benheck forum) if you want somthing.