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On this page lies all of the ORIGINAL concept and design drawings I made. including the ones that I did not use or wouldn't work anyway. this list includes everything even doodles about appearance, wiring diagrams, case designs and everything. feel free to use these designs and concepts on your own portables but, please don't steal them, give me some credit, I did make them you know.

this is one of my favorite case designs for my n64 portable, sad to say I wont be using it feel free to try and make it yourself but give me credit for the design (I did come up with it after all) it was the second to last case design before the actual final case I chose


this one is basically what the original N64p looked like (see the photo page). I don't like this design very much and that's part of why I didn't use it.


this was my "final design" of the N64p which incorporated the front of the Interact PSone screen its a cool design and I would have made this but I lost patience with making custom cases. I don't have the proper tools to cut and shape the Plexiglas for the "wings" on the sides and make the rest of the case, it would have looked cool too, lol


this is the actual "final design" of the "MK I" n64P drawing that I did to show my ideas to the people on the BenHeck forum. only difference between this drawing and the final product is the location of the speakers (shown here as little ovals beside the LCD) you can see the case photos in the photos section of this site. it is the PSX case n64


this is on of the old battery wiring diagrams. is is a redrawing of one I drew on graph paper and wasn't used in my N64p because I found that the TYCO RC batteries I used (6v 700mah) just were not powerful enough to power the N64 and LCD screen


this one was closer to the final design for battery wiring but didn't quite make it. in the working setup I had, I used 3 or 6 2200mAh 1.2V rechargeable NiMh AA's (3 in series for 3.6V plus 3 more in parallel for 4400mAh if needed) and a camcorder battery to power the 12v line and PSone screen. that design will be used if I have to but I am going to use (hopefully) a portable DVD player external battery from Wal-Mart like the one Ben used in his PS2p (battery rated at 9V 5400mAh).


this very quick MSpaint schematic was drawn by my friend from the BenHeck forum, Sparkfist, to explain how to wire the circuit to drop the voltage in from the battery to 3.3v using 7805's and 2 or 3 ohm resistors.


After I scan them there will be most (if not all) of my original ideas, designs and sketches uploaded to this site, and guess what! I did it as of 5/30/05! here are some of my old and new designs. doodles and sketches of portables and things most of these are up here to give you an idea of how my custom portable cases might be. something like that!


and here is the first uploaded image! this i the profile drawing of one of my n64P designs, I don't think i have the rest of the design drawn yet actually. this one would have a PSone screen probably and would be pretty darn small


here are some misc. N64P design doodles, none are remotely to scale but they look kind of neat (someone on the forum made a similar n64 actually using a modified controller, I cant recall who though samuelM made it, did a damn good job too, I will add his site to the links page sometime) my newest n64P case is based off of those and samuelM's designs. but mine is a little different, he used only parts of the controller, I used pretty much all of it.


a small SNES portable design idea, a casemod of sorts, the top of the system would be used as the back of the portable, would have been too thick and wide for my taste.


more miscellaneous  crap, doodles of different sorts including a PSoneP SNESP and some other stuff.

original SNESP design for the psone screen SNESP, it had to be revised slightly to work

the revised design, this design is the basis for my SNESP molds! they are not exact to the design but its close, the molds are a little bit bigger and thicker than this design but its a good thing, gives whoever uses one of those cases enough room for the lcd and control board and everything.

here is a goofy one for ya! I was bored so I decided to make a GOACP concept, took about 2 minutes in MSpaint. not to scale or very good! fun though

a new SNESP concept using a Sony watchman pocket TV as a screen, I am getting the pocket TV Cennar used in his N64P(many, many thanks to Cennar for the super kind gift! I meant it man!). I really like this design a lot. this is the basis for my SNES case that is around 40% complete at the moment and man, will it look good when I finish it (or ELSE! lol)