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here are links. links to other websites I like and to websites of my friends AND websites of stuff related to my portables and other projects!

the homepage of Benjamin J. Heckendorn! creator of the VCSP and many other custom handheld consoles
The portables of DOOM aka doomportables one of the most valuable resources for "portablizers" everywhere! go here for good info
the blog of my friend VB_master I'm his first

 news item!

DAVE'S SITE the homepage of Dave from the benheck forum! my friend form benheck forum bicostps forum pics of the new consoles and stuff brought to you by nos_slived!! the website of a very good friend from the benheck forum, Cennar! thanks for the LCD!!!
wikiportable a wikipedia page about portables, its a little empty but still useful
VG cats a hilarious videogame related comic! its good!
penny-arcade Gabe and Tyco are very funny, and violent!
User friendly the comic strip funny comic about tech support people.
Lil' Gamers another gamer comic, featuring Madsen!