N64p photos

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here are all of the photographs of my N64 Portable (that I have taken). by all photos I mean all PHOTOGRAPHS! concept drawings and diagrams are in the concepts section the first photos you will see are of the original design and construction circa mid to late 2004. this design was scrapped in favor of a better one :) the other redesigns were not build but you will see the other concepts on the concepts page ****UPDATE (6/04/06)! ****

just a little idea of what is to come...a kick ass new n64P case! this pic was when I had almost nothing done, only the controller split and the n64 board sitting inside it, as you can see its under 12" wide, will be less than 2" thick overall too, keeping pretty much inside the thickness of the controller! its pretty sweet.  pic 2 with the front piece attached! some more pics of it below, gives you a better idea of what to expect! cool huh :) don't know if you can tell but there is plenty of room inside there, or there will be when I have the back on and all of that. I think I will use an Intec/hip gear lcd ,but I am not sure yet.

                                                                                              OLD STUFF                                                                           


this photo is of the original design for my n64P, it only shows the motherboard of the n64 but you can see a little of the batteries and case. the case was made of Plexiglas and was about 11x8x2 inches (wide tall and thick respectively) more of the original case pics can bee seen at my old geocities site, hell if I can remember the url at the moment

here is my controller board all soldered and wired up (I totally suck at soldering, I mean it I REALLY SUCK, but I have improved a bit lol) old pic its cut down a little now but about the same


here is the case all emptied out (pneumatic die grinders are cool) this is the first pic of my  PSX case, it is still up for sell


here is a pic of the case when it was about 90% done. notice the missing C button. had to grind part of a pillar off to fit it



here is the case when it was almost completely done. now I have the n64 controller ports in the case and everything else finished the controller is almost totally put in as well

Here is my n64P so very close to completion. its a mockup (the board in it is fried for sizing purposes only) i should have my new n64 soon and the screen in a few days.

here is the inside of my n64 (temporary mockup) and how it will be set up approximately.

another mockup! in this pic the front lid is off and you can see the LCD and controller board. I managed to get  EVERYTHING in the case (darn tight fit though)

here is the pic of it with the lid on (all the stuff is still in there though) everything in there: n64 motherboard (slightly modified)

n64 controller board cut down by about 40% interact LCD and controller board and backlight and 12 AA batteries