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I know, total shock huh. a new custom console by me, triton BY SURPRISE! this little baby is a 1xxx series playstation console crammed (yes crammed, freakin power supply is huge) into a N64 case, because, as you all know, I have no shortage of empty n64 husks in which to put silly things. so here are the images for your viewing pleasure. or whatever (please note on the pic of the back of the unit the power supply thingy is crooked, I fixed that)

early pic of the PS64,befor i had it all figured out exactly. pretty much before I started making it (took all of 2 days lol)

here is the guts of the thing laid out basically where they will be when I put it al together later today

the back of the system (mentioned above) showing the power and controller things! all I have left is wiring the AV cord.

the top showing the cd reader thing. it will be kind of sensitive to shock because it isn't shock absorbed or anything.


unfortunately my disc reader cable broke so I am on the lookout for a new disc reader. after I finish the system cosmetic things i might sell it but I am not sure