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here it is! the PSone portable! it is not finished and wont be for a while but here are some nice pics to look at. in fact it wont be done for a long time. I am selling the case. anyone interested?

first pics of the PSoneP nothing done to it yet but laid out. the approximate layout and stuff like that BOO YAH *o* pics and stuff are up online AND stuff to read (inside "joke" sorry)


second pic, the holes drilled for the buttons and the buttons placed in the top of the thing


and the guts! the bit of breadboard  is where the tact switches for the D-pad are, the D-pad works 1/4 of the way so i need to replace tact switches, which I bought from Gannon.


TADA! here it is this is an older pic, the only difference is that the start and select buttons are on in the finished product

i would like to apologize to jgibson for taking so long! this thing has me puzzled, I cannot figure out why the Dpad will not work! very aggravating!

UPDATE: I think the controller board is toast, with all new tact switches it STILL doesn't work, sorry Jason