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and here it is the progress page for my SNESP, I don't have a lot to show yet because I have just started but I do have some pics and I will have them and info of them below

UPDATE!!!! I have begun anew on my SNESP, I introduce the snesPv2 (so far!) I've a long way to go but it will be much better that my previous attempt, it will have a much more sturdy case, a better lcd (hopefully a hip gear) and much more! will be smaller too!

here is the early setup with the batteries taped on to the motherboard, and YES it does run off of 4 AA batteries at approximately 5v

a size comparison :) SNES cart to the SNES mini motherboard as you can see its TINY! maybe .5" bigger per side than the cart.

the only bit of soldering i have to do on the SNES motherboard! its the "power circuit" the red wire is the 5v+ and the grey is the "jumper" to the input pin on the 7805 so that i get sound (don't ask why it works, it just does)

here is the diagram that nos_slived made to explain to somebody the fix I did above for the 7805. thanks gannon for the idea to do that!

PROOF! that i did in fact run my SNES off of 4 rechargeable AA batteries! another pic to follow!

now for some info. since I am bypassing the 7805 at the moment my SNES will run off of less than 5v but how much less you ask? well I will tell you, about .7v less actually! yes the SNES will run off as little as 4.3v and still have audio. you will still have video down till about 4.2v  then it dies. so with 4 full charged AA's you should get about 2-2.5 hours of play time with my type of batteries (850mah draw off of 2200mah batteries), also I found it can take a maximum voltage of 5.6v, don't know if that's the maximum but I don't want to find out if it can take more on the off chance that it can't. and if I can run an Intec lcd screen on 4AAs as well I will be in business! for this portable I might be using one of my vac formed cases, I haven't decided yet. I was also considering relocating the cart slot but that would be hard its like 72 pins to desolder and my iron sucks

new SNESP concept on the concepts page

WAHOO! relocated cart slot!


its not too pretty but check out the results!

YES! after hours of work (62 pins, whew) i tested it and it worked!

a pic of when i was about halfway done. I think I am the 4th or 5th person to relocate my snes cart slot, but I'm not sure.

the first pic of my controller modification I have the controller split into 3 pieces which makes it easy to arrange in the soon to be case.

the rewiring of the controller wires, it was a piece of cake! the wires were a bit flimsy tho.

now doesn't that look nice! starting to make the case, shouldn't be too long till I finish! I'm glad that my SNES still works

and here is a pic of the back of my in progress case for my SNES! the dimensions will be 6" wide 7.5" tall and 1.75" thick!it doesn't look pretty now but it will after I am done

inside! it is held together with hot glue and is very sturdy I think. the cart slot will not budge at all!

the bottom, not matched up quite right but nicely rounded :)

the top, i will be removing the AV jack to save space.

another angle on the top half , i am so excited about this, it will be my first finished portable!

just a little size comparison :)

a pic of the gaps filled, after i get my lcd i will be ready to finish the front and then bondo, primer, and paint this sucker

not bad eh? still need to finish building the front as explained above

TADA! the bottom of my case notice the metal hinge (attached to the front only at the moment) and the fact that the front now has bottom corners everything lines up pretty good too, I'm pretty happy with it

a better view of the lower front half, I can't really do much until I get the LCD, so its kind of a waiting game i guess

size comparison like the one above, this time compared to an original Gameboy, my SNES is maybe twice as big

here is the case mostly done, not that it matters, it worked (sort of, the controls case and screen all sucked so I started over, see above)